Francis has lost his/her favorite treasure chest in the great plains.
You must quest to retrieve it while fighting or avoiding baddies along the way!
Once the treasure has been collected you may choose to continue your adventure where the map increases in size and the enemies increase in number and health! See how long you can last!


  • Randomly placed treasure to "win" each level
  • Stamina system that can be recharged by standing still
  • Health and Stamina increase with each level (for both the player and enemies)


  • I / E: Access your Inventory
  • Esc / P: Pause/Resume the game
  • Mouse: Used to interact with menus
  • Arrow Keys / WASD: Controls Movement

About Francis Quest

Credit: Lanea Zimmerman.
Provided under: OGA By 3.0 license
Credit: atolVerderben (me!)
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